Congratulations on your engagement!

We are as excited as you are, and ready to help you prepare for your Wedding Day.
Want to look your best for the big day? without it costing you the earth? While still being fun, interesting & motivating.
That’s where the professional team at mPole come in.

Let us introduce mPole’s Bride & Bridal Party Bootcamps

We know you want to look your best for your big day. But going to the gym & working out just mightn’t be your thing, or anyone’s thing. Plus it can be super hard to be self-motivated every single day leading up to your wedding, particular when it gets closer & you have some much on your plate to organise & prepare for.

That’s ok, the team at mPole know thing or two about keeping your workouts fun & interesting without ever making it feel like you’re going to the gym (unless that’s what you like) & what’s even better, we have extended our packages to include you & our Bridesmaids, so you don’t have to face a gruelling Fitness/Dance/Pole session on your own ever, if you don’t want to. With our super fun, sometimes quirky, motivated staff your bound to see a bounce form in your step when you think about coming to mPole’s Bride & Bridal Party Bootcamp Sessions.

Yes, your Bridesmaid’s are welcome

Let’s face it your picked your beautiful bridesmaid/s to help you get ready for your wedding, I am sure they will want to be by your side while you prepare to look the best you can be for your wedding day. Therefore we figured they should be included in your pre wedding workout schedule.

Benefits of an mPole’s Bridal Party Bootcamp with your Bridesmaids.

- your will all look super fit & healthy for the Wedding & Photos
- it will bring to all closer together before the wedding day
- You will be able to discuss ideas & thoughts as they come up, during your sessions at mPole
- You will work better as a team, leading up to & on the big day
- build on your friendships & create lifestyle habits together forever

We have many packages available and your welcome to mix & match packages to suit your schedules & budgets, so please feel free to contact us & ask about any changes you wish to make to our standard packages to make it yours for the better.

Wedding Day Fitness Tips

Start early (it is recommended you start about 6 months out from your wedding date) but earlier the better.

Don’t over commit to start with – going too hard to fast will have to too sore to enjoy the other things going on in your life (gradually increase the intensity)

Set yourself up for success with an awesome support group – family & friends, your bridal party, your future husband should all be onboard to helping your achieve your goals.

Work out your budget and stick to it, if it going to break the bank, it’s only going to add stress to your already massive day. Be sure to ask if there are other options to consider (that could bring you similar results)

Don’t set unrealistic goals to achieve, talk to you trainer about setting goals that are achievable, but are still challenging enough to keep you pushing.

Set a series of smaller goals to help you stay motivated & on track to those much larger, loftier goals

Ask your trainers lots of questions, nothing is a silly questions & if they aren’t sure, they are sure to know where to find the answers

Think about the food/fuel you are eating – You don’t need a tailor diet to get great results, however if the foods you are eating aren’t making you feel great, chances are they aren’t doing you any favours


We have 2 x standard packages, but we welcome you to mix & match our services to make your own tailored package