Leeanne Professional Pole Dance Instructor & Performer
Owner and Principal Instructor

Leeanne has been a pillar of the Newcastle Pole Dance Industry for over 12 years. After starting her training at the legendary Bobbi's Pole Studio in Sydney, and falling instantly in love with the strong creative freedom pole dance brought to the lives of women, Leeanne set out to design the first generation mPole in 2005 when she saw a huge gap in the market for safe portable poles.

Continuing her training back in Newcastle Leeanne quickly found a teaching position and found her calling. The satisfaction she found in seeing her students become stronger, more confident versions of themselves with her guidance and support set the wheels in motion for a studio all her own, and as a happy result, mPole Pole Dancing Studios was born. Under Leeanne's passionate guidance mPole grew not only as a studio and brand but as a family of strong willed, passionate, creative women.

Along with the success of her studio, Leeanne has enjoyed success in a varied mix of pole dance competitions and performance opportunities, as a solo, doubles, and group performer.

Competitive success asside, Leeanne's greatest pride and joy has been devoting herself to training safe, smart, and strong performers and instructors, with a solid knowledge base from their first lesson right through to their time as elite performers.

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