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Toni found pole dance 4 years ago now and has never looked back! Having shyed away from exercise earlier in life, it was a shock to all who know her when she became so passionate about pole dance and fitness. Not being a natural pole dancer by any stretch of the imagination, Toni has spent her 4 years at the studio working hard to build strong foundations, to understand the technical details of each pole move, and developing her teaching technique to give her students all the tips and tricks she found in conquering those tricky moves.

Toni's passion for pole quickly translated to a passion for womens fitness and she has undergone countless hours of training and study to ensure she is guiding her students to make informed decisions and plan their health and fitness training in a wholesome, well rounded manor.

Toni tackles a new style or apperatus almost every term, and has devoted countless hours to training and planning lessons in not only pole, but mRibbons, silicone pole, booty, stretch, boxing, and countless other fitness classes.

A varied performer you never can tell what you will get when Toni steps on the stage, as we have learned from her countless performances in local competitions and other performance opportunities. She is a regular cast member at local venues and loves nothing more than creating new routines for herself and her students, the bigger the better.

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